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How are you changing someone’s mood?

November 30, 2011


Moods are infectious, it’s a fact. I know that when I am in a good mood I can make those around me feel the same. A simple smile whilst answering the phone can be heard by the other person and it is given back. A small giggle or a warm hug (as we all know!) […]

Smartphones- a good decision?

November 28, 2011


I recently purchased a smartphone and boy what a difference it has made! I am currently writing this blog from my WordPress app from a bus! I have, however, noticed a big change. Since I added my email,account to the phone I cannot have an evening without checking them, I do think this is a […]

Time is money

November 21, 2011


When you run your own business your time is precious so do you ensure that your time is used effectively? Here are a few tips I’ve learnt to incorporate into my working week: 1. Diarise everything! Whether it’s checking emails down to going on your social media, make sure it’s in your diary, try and get […]

To blog or not to blog…

November 14, 2011


When blogging, I like to ensure a few things – am I sharing knowledge or an experience I think people may be able to relate to? I like to share knowledge because I like to read it too, if I read a blog that shares knowledge I feel privileged to have been able to learn […]

Are you working through your lunch?

November 7, 2011


A working lunch is something all of us are beginning to get used to as business owners, whether you work through it whilst eating or you may skip it all together. This, in my mind, is something we must never do – lunch is key to our working day, without it we can lose energy, […]

Is social media making us less sociable?

November 4, 2011


The social media craze has definitely stuck, for business & for pleasure, the world of social media is great. It is a place to enable networking with thousands of people you may not have the chance to meet in a normal situation. However, is social media making us less able to network face to face? […]