Here are some recent testimonials from clients about how we have helped them in their business, if you’d like to know more about how we could help you, please contact us

Our most recent testimonial:

“Hannah is incredible.  What more can I say?  Ok, I will!  She is very specific and engenders trust.  She knows her stuff and never lets you down.  She has an intuitive grasp of what you want.  She is incredibly patient, and happy to spell out in words of one syllable how to get what you want from this social media age.
Hannah is very business focussed,  (Which I like.)  She delivers on time and according to target.

It’s so wonderful for me to know that I can delegate to her and she will come up with the goods, on time, and far exceed my expectations, time
after time.
I particularly like the way I can throw ideas at her and she responds with “Here, is this what you meant?”  It always is!

@Hannen_Beith, Director, The Resurgence Consultancy.”

“Since working with Hannah over the last 2 months I have increased my Klout score from almost nothing to 58.  “So what” some of you might shout – it is not so much the score – although this shows distance travelled and value added by Hannah, its the fact that I am clearly interacting with people and getting their attention – I am being heard – are you being heard? Hannah can help.

Vicki wusche- The Property Mermaid,@VickiWusche @PropertyMermaid

“Dear Hannah,

When I engaged you to help me put together a Power Point presentation recently, I knew before we started that I would be getting a remarkably polite, considerate and willing assistant who was a joy to work with, what I didn’t bargain for was getting a remarkably efficient, knowledgeable, adaptable and skilful one as well!

My task was completed with very little input from me in no time which made your very competitive pricing structure even more attractive.

I hesitate to recommend you too highly as you will only get more booked up, but I have no choice.

You’re a little star!

With best wishes,

David Lewitt, Managing Director, Willpower Group”

“Dear Hannah

Has it really been 6 months already since I asked for your help with Potential Un-limited’s social media?  The time has flown past, not least because you have made the whole process so easy for me.

With my schedule of speaking engagements and travelling, it had proved a real challenge for me to plan my social media effectively and yet I knew this was a key part of building my online credibility.  When you explained that you could schedule everything for me, so that my regular series of tweets and blogs would get posted whatever my plans, I was delighted.

The results are proving you right.  My Klout score (an important measurement of online influence and reach) has risen from 18 to 53 in record time and I am making significant business connections.

Thank you Hannah, I would not have the profile I have for my business without your help.

Warmest regards

D.L, Managing Director, Potential Unlimited,@DinahLiversidge

“Dear Hannah,

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled my team here at PHP and indeed myself are with the excellent insight and understanding and indeed knowledge you imparted to us all last week.

You had certainly done your research and homework on our company before you arrived, you seemed to instantly understand our strengths and weaknesses and you got straight to work de-mystifying the myths behind Facebook and Twitter.

You certainly had all my boys eating out of your hands, and indeed you could have heard a pin drop whenever you spoke around the board table.

Hannah thank you for being so generous with your time.

Thank you for opening our ears and eyes into your amazing world.

Thank you for following up on our training and allowing us to be able to call upon your services at any time.

I would not hesitate to ask Hannah to come in and help us again, and I am already sharing with other companies, everyone needs some time with Hannah our expert in Multi-media.

Kindest of regards,

Jane Johnstone, Director, PHP Baby, @BabyCatalogue @JaneJohnstone3

Dear Hannah,

I’m writing to thank you for all your help over the last year. As an electrician I didn’t go into business to spend all day on the phone or replying to emails. However, like all expanding businesses, demand soon became too great for just yours truly to be able to cope with and Amethyst was the logical solution.

Now all my customers tell me how charming and efficient my office manager is and I have the most valuable commodity in the world back in my life- time.

A massive thanks Hannah, keep up the good work.

Kind regards

Adam Condon, AC Installations

Dear Hannah,

As I review the results for Reliable Roofer at the end of another year, I am struck by just how much you do for the business. When I asked for your help with “a bit of admin” three years ago, I never realised how quickly you would step in and manage the daily running of the business.

From dealing with clients over the telephone to booking my diary, typing my quotes, following them up and invoicing for them, to managing our VAT returns. You take care of everything. On a daily basis, I can do what I went into business to do- look after the roofs of my clients.

You have brought great ideas to the business and allowed me to market it in new ways; you have presented a professional front for the business and clients enjoy talking with you. You have changed the business in ways that have taken it forward and allowed it to thrive.

Thank you Hannah, Reliable Roofer would not be here today without your tremendous input, commitment and support.

Kind regards,
J.L, Technical Director, Reliable Roofer Ltd., @ReliableRoofer

“Since using Amethyst, I have found their service to be very professional and accommodating.  They are able to provide a high quality service and overcome any problem or hurdle that presents itself.  Hannah is courteous, organised and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate on recommending her to any other company who required use her services.

Kind regards,

Richard Storrs, Rich Publishing

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