Time is money

Posted on November 21, 2011


When you run your own business your time is precious so do you ensure that your time is used effectively?

Here are a few tips I’ve learnt to incorporate into my working week:

1. Diarise everything! Whether it’s checking emails down to going on your social media, make sure it’s in your diary, try and get to have a reminder too so you are.reminded to do it and also when there are 5 minutes left. Whole mornings can be lost due to tasks taking longer than they should.

2. Meet in similar locations on one day a week/month- depending on the sort if business you have you could find yourself having multiple meetings, driving or commuting to several locations and getting worn out having nit completed your daily business requirements. However, if you have 1 day per week/month for meetings in a specific location you will know that your day will be productive and your meetings won’t go over the time allocated as you have another one in the diary!

3. Make as many meetings virtual as you can – most of us love to meet face to face however this can be very time-consuming. Time to bring in the brilliance of technologies such as Skype nd gotomeeting. These ensure that you can meet each other easily (plus your clients/associates can live anywhere and you get to have a great meeting without long drives!). Don’t worry, they’ll probably be thankful too as behind the webcam they’ll probably be in PJs!

4. Do your least favourite tasks done first- if you know you have a task that you don’t like you will find any excuse.to miss it, put it in the diary as the first thing you do then you’ll get it done quickly and feel great for it too!

5. Work on the move- I tend to use public transport when I am going into London so I take my smartphone and, if I can, my laptop. I can then get general tasks such as blogs, emails and book writing done whilst in the move. Getting paid to commute makes the journey even better!

What do you do to ensure your time is used efficiently?

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