Is social media making us less sociable?

Posted on November 4, 2011


The social media craze has definitely stuck, for business & for pleasure, the world of social media is great. It is a place to enable networking with thousands of people you may not have the chance to meet in a normal situation.

However, is social media making us less able to network face to face? Are we having less conversations with our loved ones?

Are we now so used to doing everything in 140 characters and being able to re-think whether or not what we are about to post is relevant, engaging and, most importantly, credibility boosting, that we will become unable to network properly?

Are we spending so long on social networking sites that we are losing contact with our family, friends and colleagues who we used to meet for a meal, drink or just having a long conversation about our day?

I think social media is key for business owners – it builds credibility, it enables us to engage with the right people in the right way and its free advertising – anyone who doesn’t think this is now a necessity for most businesses may need to do some more research. I do, however, still use other forms of networking too. I go to networking meetings and I offer to meet in person or chat over the phone with potential clients to make sure we get on well before beginning a business relationship. I send cards as thank you’s to people who have come to events that I host and I also have a business pen-pal too.

Whether or not you are using social media as the only form of advertising for your business or not, next time you have spent 2 hours in front of you social media profile engaging with your network, how long has it been since you last spent time on the phone or chatting to someone over coffee?

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