Mischka & Branston’s Case study

Social media is about engagement, whether it’s for your business or personal communication.

When you are told about social media you’re always told what not to do but social media is meant to be a place for engagement, new ideas, new connections and for a bit of fun too.

MischkaBranston is a social media profile that shows individuality by engaging on behalf of our animals, as if they are talking to their followers.

Not sure?

You’ll be surprised at how many pets are on social media such as Downing Street Cat – yes you read that right, it’s Larry the cat from number 10 Downing street being one of the most famous. Godalming Dog is another humorous pet profile that has highly engaged followers, which is key to getting heard on social media. The well-known comical cartoon Simon’s Cat is also unique and incredibly humorous.

With these profiles they show that you can have fun and engage in an entirely new way – don’t follow the crowd, if you have a great idea use it! Be your product, if you are a shoe designer and you speak as if you were the shoe, you can do that, you’ll find you get a lot more engagement than if you set up a normal profile.

If you’d like to know more about Mischka & Branston’s travels or would like some training in how to use social media in a new way, do contact me.

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