What you don’t know, you don’t know.

Posted on November 18, 2014


So, my teeth were aching a little, and yes I’ll confess I hadn’t been to the dentist in, well let’s say over 2 years. I decided now is the best time to get them checked out, so I opted for the hygienist.
All I will say is, I wish someone had told me how important it was to see an hygienist more often!
It’s the same in your business.
You started your business because you’re good at whatever it is you’re offering, but there’s a lot more that comes with being an entrepreneur.
If you get to the professionals from the start it will be a lot less painful than having to get it all sorted after the problems have started.

The essentials I think you need in your business:

A good bookkeeper/accountant (or at least a good system!)
A good website that works for your target audience.
Marketing advice and management – to help you attract the perfect clients.
A mentor or business partner that can help when you have an idea or a problem.

There are probably so many other things, which are dependable on the products and/or services you offer, so before you wait 2 years to feel the aches of having to resolve an issue, ask other business owners in your field what they suggest is a necessity to have from the start.

What do you think is essential for a business owner to have support in?

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