Stop favouriting and start engaging

Posted on September 18, 2014


In the world of Twitter I tend to find myself hoping to have great engaging conversations for both myself and my clients. However, when I see so many favourites but less engagements happening I want to shout “get someone to do this right for you” at the people just favouriting galore.

Why am I so in to engagement?

Well, it’s simple: engagement creates conversation, which creates relationships and credibility. Credibility helps build the potential for clients and referrals. This goes both ways – for them, as you’re open to having a conversation with them and for you, the person who decided to respond to a tweet rather than just click a star and move on, because you’ll shine out like a star yourself by engaging with that person.

Who do you think will be more likely to want to recommend you to their followers – a person who only receives favourites from you or someone who has great conversations with you and has a relationship with you?

So I say to you all, the next time you want to click the star, think about if you can reply as well.

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