How are you helping yourself?

Posted on May 15, 2012


Recently I took the plunge for the 3rd time.

That’s right I’m talking about hiring. Now, the business I run is very versatile so I need to have people that are either self-employed, want part time work or are new Mums who want a little work.

So I went about asking though my networks foranyone in this category, who was good at or enjoyed social media and had the ability to write. Thanks to an.introduction to someone who had previously used an intern I knew what I needed to do.

Wow, the perfect person was right in front of me! A friend from secondary school who was great at
writing, always on social media and she, thankfully, replied immediately!

This is how I have helped myself and my clients. I could see that Amethyst was expanding and before it became too much I took a step that, if I’m honest, scared me. Now I am feeling better, am doing the jobs I’m best at and she’s taking care of the jobs she’s great at.

The moral of the story- sometimes it may be scary but you need to take that chance whether it’s like mine to overcome the fears of being let down, fears of networking or if it’s worries about starting the business, take that step, ask for advice from people who have done it and prepare yourself!

What have you done to help your clients?

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