Getting someone to help

Posted on April 4, 2012


As a Virtual Assistant you would think it is easy for me to delegate to others. Not when it comes to building my own team, or so I thought!

I was recently lucky enough to be introduced to the perfect team member, she does the things I need to delegate and she wants to learn the others she doesn’t do yet. With lots of experience and a passion for what she does, as well as bringing some great new skills to the team, she fits brilliantly, and at the perfect time.

So why was it so difficult? Because it’s a trust thing. As with all my clients before they start using me, they have their baby in my hands. Knowing that I am looking after tasks such as organising meetings or their social media, they need to trust me. A few of my clients have had disappointments before, so knowing that they are trusting me and Amethyst with their business makes it even more important to impress them.

I know there will be s learning curve, as with my clients it cold take up to 3 months to get completely in sync, but I am feeling confident and calm. We can now take on more clients and give them more.

Taking the trust plunge will change so much for my business, so, if you haven’t done it yet, what’s holding you back?

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