Being effective

Posted on March 30, 2012


I recently read a great log from Tim Mugabi of Into that Dress about how water can change our concentration and it got me thinking aout other ways to ensure we stay efficient at work.

When I am at my desk I can become distracted, I am human after all! So to stop this from happening I take certain measures.

1. I check my emails every hour, not every time I get a new email – emails can be distracting and when you are working in a project this can make it a whole lot slower if you check our inbox everytime you get a new email. If you can change your email settings to receiving every hour or even every thirty minutes it cold make you a lot more concentrated.
2. Having snacks near me- it may sound like this would distract you more but as I work at home, having them at my desk means I won’t go downstairs and be distracted by the animals, the coffee machine or the biscuit drawer!
3. If I’m on a really in depth task I let my clients know. This means they will text me if it is an urgent requirement or they will know that I cannot reply to their email as quickly as normal.
4. I give myself a lunch break – this is only usually a 20 minute break in front of my computer (as I can catch up on a show I missed using bbc iplayer) but it means I get 20 minutes to relax.

Remind yourself that keeping concentrated will make your work life a whole lot easier. Giving yourself some you time is also essential, if you haven’t given time to yourself then you will begin to dislike your desk and you will get more distracted.

How do you stay concentrated?

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