Thinking of work…

Posted on March 5, 2012


I have been lucky enough to be able to have a holiday this year. My OH and I decided to take a week off and relax in Barbados. So why, while I am laying on the beach, am I thinking of work?

I think, if you run your own business it’s very difficult to switch off, it’s difficult to steer clear of your email inbox, explaining that “I’ll just be a second, I only want to make sure I’m not missing anything important” hmmm..what’s that important that it can’t wait a week?
How does my OH feel while I read my emails?

My point is, we decided to run our own businesses to ensure we get the life we want. We did the hard work of starting, maintaining and growing our business so we can have what we want in life. Whether
that’s holidays, a car or a gorgeous house (or all three!) so don’t feel “guilty” or tied down by your business, you need the break and so do your loved ones.

What do you want from your business? How do you relax when you’re away from your office/shop?

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