Learn & Change

Posted on January 31, 2012


Recently I was lucky enough to learn a new way to do something in my business, making the change was simple and effective, when have you made a change? 

I recently delivered a social media training to a client, something I never thought I was going to do when I first started Amethyst but now love doing and enjoy the learning I gain from each one I give to my clients.

My most recent training gave me a fantastic new way to train any other training client I was able to help. Learning from this experience was fantastic and reminded me why I always ask at the end of each training or every month I have with my clients “How can I improve your experience?” “Is there anything I could do to make next month better for you?”. I changed the way I did my next training and it went fantastically, the client was really pleased and is already putting into practice what I taught them. What did I learn from my other client? To tell them how to do everything while they actually do the process themselves. Learning by doing. Simple right? Why didn’t I do it before? No-one had said to me that this would be better.

How do you ensure you are always giving the best service?
What was the most recent thing you changed from learning from an experience with a client or colleague?

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