How do you see networking?

Posted on January 24, 2012


For many business owners we know that we should be networking to get new clients, however, it can be seen as something other than business meetings or business time, how do you see networking?

When I was asked by my Dad to be the person to represent him at BNI as my Mum had taken on a new role, I must admit I was rather excited/scared/nervous all at once!

At 17 you don’t really think that you will ever need to stand up in front of about 30 people you have never met before and speak, for one whole minute, about a business that you know is fantastic but need to portray that to them. After being a member for a few months I started to notice a difference in myself. I was feeling more confident, the shakes that I used to get when making my 60 second speech had become less noticeable and I was enjoying writing them. I was also loving the feeling of giving the members new business. To see how they reacted when I gave them a referral made me want to give more.

I now truly believe that all teenagers should attend meetings like BNI, 4N or Athena – they all have very similar strategies and layouts, all require a speech about your business and all give you the opportunity to give business to the other members.

I have veered off the point a little but I did want to show you my thoughts on how being put into the networking game at such a young age has changed me.

I’ll admit, I still see myself as an unnatural networker, but I have been able to learn how to become natural. I see networking as a way to meet new clients, referrers and referees too. I will never see networking as “a waste of time” or something that will take up business time – I will see it as a business meeting, business time that is well spent.

How do you see networking?

Would you have started earlier if you thought it would make it easier for you?

What would your advice be to other business owners who are considering networking?

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