Great customer service

Posted on January 2, 2012


I recently had my last business accelerator of the year and to say thank you to the attendees I went out to get them all little gifts, this wasn’t my usual shopping trip for two reasons, I was ill and, most importantly, the people I was buying for are business people who I don’t entirely know what they like!

I started with the easy ones, the ladies! I went to Lush as everyone loves a Lush goodie-set. A lovely shop assistant came up to me and asked if she could help, I then told her my budget (which wasn’t very big) and asked if she could help me find something to work with that. She showed me lots of beautiful things (in both looks and of course smells) and I decided on a non-tinted lip balm with honey and then couldn’t decide on which of the two bubble bombs I wanted as one smelt divine and the other looked like a gingerbread house! I decided on the lovely smelling one and then continued to buy the gifts. She not only had helped me find what I was looking for within my budget but, after leaving the shop, she had put the gingerbread house in too! Now that made my day.

She didn’t have to give me it, in fact, she could have got into trouble for doing this for me, but she did it anyway. Perhaps it was because we had a good conversation, maybe she just thought that I was doing something nice, whatever it was, I now recommend Lush to anyone I know who is stuck for gifts.

Does your business and your team do this for your clients? Do people get such great customer service that they recommend you to anyone who needs your service?

What’s your customer service policy and does your team ensure that all clients receive it?

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