Holidays, veggie roasts & looking after me…

Posted on December 19, 2011


This title may sound horrific to many of you especially if you are a business owner. The amount of entrepreneurs that do not take a holiday is shocking to me, especially as I believe we start our own business for a better way of life. If you don’t look after you then your business could begin to feel the pressure too, if you are over-worked, under-loved and forget about the main person in the business then you could begin to feel negative feelings towards what started out as such an exciting adventure.

When you run your own business you can give up quite a lot in life, whether it’s down to clients needing you at all hours of the day or if that marketing strategy isn’t quite right, you can find yourself spending hours working on your business and can feel rather stressed too.

Take a break. You will get refreshed, energised and enjoy the tasks again. You may even be able to see it with new eyes and the answer you’ve been trying to find could have been right in front of you!

This festive season is a time to love, be merry and also, to look after yourself, so put away the notebook, turn off the computer and go downstairs, walk in the park and spend some time with your loved ones. Your business isn’t going anywhere!

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