Should social media be used for sales?

Posted on December 15, 2011


I have been asked by several clients in the past about how many sales they can expect from their social media, a subject businesses should be thinking of with their social media strategy but, I believe, in a different way.

I believe that social media is a place to build a network (Tribe) of engaged contacts who will recommend you to their following, this, of course, will take time and may not be as easy to see as perhaps being a member of a networking group that uses referral slips. I also believe that social media is a place for great networking, credibility building and creating brand awareness, this can be done with great interactions and building your engaged audience through regular communication and sharing of posts (also commenting on them too). I would love to know if you agree with my thoughts – can you sell through social media or is it more about engaging and with these relationships, in time, will come referrals, recommendations and an increased presence for your brand? I have been lucky enough to be part of a Tribe of great connectors, this has taken me time to build my credibility with them and I know that I will be working hard to get them well-known within my following and that they will be doing the same for me.

This is something that I tell my clients for whom I manage social media profiles, I explain that this will take a few months before you can see the monetary benefits of using social media for your business and that thinking of social media as a networking group rather than a sales call will help them to understand why time needs to be put into building relationships with their following.

Do you agree? How do you see social media and how do you use it?

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