Happy Birthday to me!

Posted on December 9, 2011


This time it’s a birthday celebration for me, and with this I want to share some things that I have learnt since my last birthday, I do hope you enjoy!

1. Great clients matter – I have fantastic clients, I love working with them, I enjoy helping them and with many of them I jump at any new tasks and want to get it done as soon as I can – this is why I love running my own business. The relationships we have now made have created a great business-life for me and I hope they feel the same about me too.

2. Sending hand-written cards is a must – When I started my business accelerator I sent thank you cards to those who attended and boy did they like that! I now send cards at every opportunity, I even have a business pen-pal which is fantastic. I love the feeling of opening a card and knowing that the person who sent it to me probably did what I did – they went out to find a card that suited the person they were going to send it to. If you get the chance to send a card rather than an email, do it – you will make that person feel truly loved.

3. Overcome my fears & don’t focus on the past – I started my business with a worry of “what happens when I get too busy?” a crazy thought for someone who tells business owners to outsource when they get busy! It was a big worry for me, I was worried about my business credibility and what could happen if something bad occurred. Thanks to my Mum giving me a regular mentoring moment (this tends to happen at least once a week!) I have decided to let what happens happen, I cannot control what happens it is how I will react if something goes wrong. An apology, cupcake or card could be all it needs to make up for anything that goes wrong, especially if it is the fault of someone else – I cannot control this I can control how it is resolved.

4. Have fun – after all, why did I start my own business?! If I want to go and buy Christmas presents at 12pm then I should be able to. Remember you started your business for the financial freedom, personal freedom and, let’s not lie here, a bit of fun too! If you want to run your own business you must realise that you did for a reason, to enjoy what you do.

5. It isn’t as lonely as it may seem – I started my year thinking I was alone, I have now realised that I am not. I have great new friends that I have met through social media, networking and even through my clients, I feel that I am not in a lonely world of my desk and computer screen, I have people I care for dearly and I hope they care for me too. Remember that you are not alone and if you are feeling lonely, speak to someone, you never know, they may just be feeling the same as you.

That’s my 5 top educators from the year, what will I learn in the year to come?

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