The journey is part of the end goal

Posted on December 5, 2011


As a business owner I have, as many others do, given myself goals to achieve. These goals are always personal to the business owner, their wants, needs and also how the business is formed, if you are the owner with no partner or co-director then you base your goals on your own needs. When you do have someone else at the head of the business with you then you would, most probably, sit down and discuss what you both want to achieve from the business.

When you set goals you may not know before you start the journey to achieving them, that you will learn so much about yourself, the business, your clients and your business partners, if you have them.
Do not solely focus on the goals you have set and if you feel they need to be changed, then ask for advice or sit down with your partner and see what they think.

I’ve found that my journey in achieving my business goals have been more life changing than the goal itself! How have you found it?

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