Know what you’re doing

Posted on October 28, 2011


When you run your own business, especially if there is no-one in your family who is an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to be fully prepared.

It can seem daunting running your own business and learning from your mistakes aren’t always the best way to build your credibility and you could find it more frustrating than exciting.

Here are some tips on how to ensure you’re prepared:

1. Research other businesses who offer similar services/products- See what they do and see how you can interpret this into your business.

2. Ask business owners – if you have friends that run their own business, ask them for advice on what to do to, they may also have recommendations.

3. Find recommended providers – if you need help with services such as administration, marketing, website design, printing or anything else that you require for your business then ensure they are recommended, use websites that offer testimonials & ask your friends for their recommendations.

4. Test the waters – do a test drive with a discounted offer. If you offer a new service and you want to spark more interest, do an initial special offer, this will not only promote your business but you can also make sure you can offer high quality, learn if there is a big enough market & you can learn if you need to change anything.

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