One minute to change a day

Posted on October 21, 2011


Utilising my time is key as I work for several clients that need my time on a regular basis.

When I am asked/invited to an event I have to see if I think it is worth my time and potentially missing an important email.

Once I have decided to attend I must tell my clients, pop it in the diary and, of course, invite anyone of my contacts that I think the event will be of use to. This is also a great way to get someone to go with me as I am, don’t tell anyone, a networking-phobe!

October has already been full of events that have been important to either my own business or to a client’s, so when I was asked to attend the first London City Business Biscotti I was happy to come along.

On my way to the event at the underground station waiting for a train, I noticed a lady who was, I won’t get into full details, not feeling too well. I remembered a bottle of water that I had bought the day before and went up and offered it to her, asked if she was ok and had a short conversation to ensure she was. After missing only one train, I was able to get back onto the next one and wave a goodbye to the woman who smiled back. That warm bubbly feeling came back to me.

Why did I do this with water I would probably need on the hot train journey at 8:45am – the busiest time to get on a train? I did it because, if I was in her situation (which I have been once before) I would have loved if someone had offered water to me, rather than walking by and trying not to make eye-contact.

When you see a person in a situation, what do you do? Do you walk-on by or do you think about what you would like if you were in the same situation?

Do you think that one minute delay will throw your day into chaos or do you see the serenity it brings to another?

Remember  sometimes we need just a little bit of care from another to make our day turn from an awful one back into a fantastic one – imagine the change you can make.

Beware – this bubbly feeling is addictive!

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