A strawberry can make a difference

Posted on October 14, 2011


Last week I was asked to help a client with an Expo stand in London Olympia for the HR Performance show (the first of these events).

As I don’t usually go into London more than once a month I was looking forward to it, bar the running for the train and being squashed by business-people!

I am always as kind, respectful and as smiley as possible when travelling to London as I cannot imagine how stressful it must be having to do this journey every day of the week!

After my first long day manning an expo stand, I got onto my first train home (just made it in time!) and I managed to find a seat and open up a pot of fruit that I had bought earlier.

As I indulged in my first strawberry I saw the gentleman one seat up from myself looking at them; we were both wearing headphones so I motioned to him if he would like one of the delicious pieces of fruit and he took one. With a great feeling of joy I saw him smile and motion a thank you.

Before eating another I noticed the lady next to me smiling and also looking at my fruit, I asked if she would like one and with this she grinned, said thank you several times and how much it meant to her.

On the second train home I started to feel all warm and happy inside – I had made a difference, no matter how small, to two people’s days, with just a strawberry.

What have you done recently that made someone else feel good? You never know, you may just get that warm and bubbly feeling on the inside.

Beware – the feeling is addictive!

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