Posted on September 19, 2011


Are you inspired today? Do you feel ready to blurt out your happy, energised and inspired feelings to the world or do you wish you had those feelings?…

I’m a very lucky person in the sense that I run my own business which allows me to take time for myself, I can read a book, a newsletter or a blog and I can feel more inspired than if I just did a 9-5 job. I have several blogs that I read to inspire different parts of me:

Jayne Cox inspires me on an emotional and physical level, she is a body image mentor and I receive her weekly e-newsletter “Mid-Week Motivation” – this is a must for a motivational boost to your week and I also read her blog whenever I can.

New Media Angels keep me up to date on social media in a clever and fun way, which is what makes me even more inspired about social media

Dinah Liversidge keeps me motivated, energised and credible

Vicki Wusche the property mermaid, gives me ideas about property, life, metaphors & business

Who are you inspired by? Is it business related, personal or hobby based?

I’d love to know

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