That Monday feeling?

Posted on September 12, 2011


We all get it, after a weekend we just get that Monday feeling, it’s just a bit harder to get out of bed (especially if there a was a celebratory party at the weekend!) it takes just a bit longer to make your breakfast and the news goes round on a loop just one more time before you head up to the office…


I believe that if you’re not in the mood you’re not going to work as well so, here are some tips I have found that help me brush off the Monday feeling

1. Set your alarm 20 minutes early – it sounds crazy but it seems to work, if you are awakened a bit earlier you do have the chance to press “snooze”  but you’ll probably feel more awake than if you’d left it 20 minutes.

2. Get up & have a shower – even if you don’t want it at first, a shower will instantly energise you, especially if you have a great smelling body wash/hair products

3. Write down all the good tasks you’re doing – If you write the tasks you’re doing on Monday on the Sunday night, you’ll be excited to start work, start with the most exciting of all

4. Have a good breakfast – they all say it but it’s true, when I have eggs on toast and a fruit smoothie I feel much more energised than if I have my normal peanut butter and water

5. Book a gym class – either on Sunday night or for Monday morning (or take the dogs for a brisk walk outside) you’ll feel the pump of adrenaline in your veins- it’s a real energy booster

Hopefully one or all of these will help break that Monday feeling, if all else fails, look forward to the Friday feeling!

What do you do on your down day to make you feel more up beat? Is your down day a different day such as a Wednesday?

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