Social Media- Using Youtube

Posted on August 29, 2011


Youtube is a fantastic place to communicate with people, whether you want to talk about your expertise in a more personal style or want to give tips and tricks to others, Youtube is a fantastic place to do this…

How to utilise Youtube:

1. Be professional – if you want to have a business youtube account then make sure it’s just for business, make another account for your family videos, it will reflect badly on your business if clients can see your baby’s first steps on the same channel they expect to get advice from you

2. Be to the point – Be honest with yourself, people won’t sit and watch a viedo that lasts 20 minutes unless it’s truly great. If you find yourself going over the 10 minute mark, ask yourself (and perhaps a friend) if you would watch that video from start to finish.

3. Write a script – Without a script you could start to go off point, be sure to make sure you are keeping to one idea and if you start writing about another, write it down and you could make another video!

4. Practice! – Make sure you practice before you start recording, you could get frustrated and this would show in your video

5. Ask before you publish – Ask a family member, friend or colleague before you publish your video. They could have a great idea that you’ve missed, notice something that you should change or just boost your confidence by saying how great it is!

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