Social Meda- Utilising Ecademy

Posted on August 22, 2011


Ecademy is a place for business owners to communicate online via blogs, updates, face to face events such as boardrooms and has a place for business owners to market their services…

So, how to use Ecademy and why

1. Check your messages – if someone tries to connect with you, make sure you respond quickly

2. Blog – blogging is key to business and proving you’re an expert in your field, you can blog about your business, your expertise and also don’t forget to be human! Blog about your hobbies & interests. You can link these blogs to your business blog that can expand on what you have spoken about

3. Use the market place – this is a place Ecademy gives it’s members to market their business and their services to enable new business clients, so use it.

4. Go to the events- this is what I love most about Ecademy, you get to meet the people you connect with through the site in an environment where you can network and meet each other face to face. Whether you go to a monthly boardroom which is more intimate or if you attend the Blackstar events, try and get to your local events.

5. Ask for help – The great thing about Ecademy is that you really are part of a community, everyone wants to help, connect and create good relationships with other business owners, if you have any questions about business, ask!

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