The difference some sunshine makes

Posted on August 19, 2011


Today was our business accelerator meeting. The sun was shining, there were people sitting in the garden of our fantastic venue and we decided to sit in the sun whilst we ate our fresh lunch, smoothies & started the meeting with a great chat and catch-up…

It was then down to business, which, as it is confidential, I cannot tell you, but as always it was an eye-opening experience. When I get to answer other people’s issues I find I am giving advice that I should listen to aswell, not only this, but the advice that others are giving are also helpful to my business too.

This is why I host the business accelerator each month, because I get to see other business owners have their issues solved, and on a very personal and selfish level, I get to learn too. I have come away with a big smile on my face, a full tummy, a notebook full of ideas and a brain that is buzzing.
Thank you to my attendees this month (which we was meant to be a few stronger but unfortunately the others couldn’t make it!) Tim of New Approach Fitness and James of Tax Help UK both of whom I rate highly and would recommend to anyone.

So, get out there into the sunshine & enjoy your weekend. The sunshine isn’t always out in England, so enjoy it and put the smile onto your face!

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