Social Media – are you using it to your advantage?

Posted on August 15, 2011


In the current world of online networking and marketing it seems every business is using social media, but are you using it the right way?

There are different platforms for a different type of marketing and conversation. For example, Twitter is for building credibility, relationships and monitoring customer service, being to salesy is not accepted on Twitter, however, Ecademy gives businesses the opportunity to market their services to the masses. Facebook, however, is for people who want to communicate with friends and tell them what they’re doing in their day.

So, knowing what to say and what to do on the platforms you use is key to building your businesses’ credibility, this week it’s how to use Twitter:


1. You can sell your business but know how to do it – don’t repeatedly talk about your services and let people know what you’re doing each day and incorporate your services into that, e.g “Working with a client to help make their website reflect their personality”

2. Give tips – everyone loves getting information, include a link to your website or to a blog that explains the 140 characters in more detail

3. Connect – read your home feed and communicate with people who are talking about your interests, hobbies & subjects to do with your business. This can create a fantastic relationship between someone who could potentially be a client or an associate.

4. Say thank you – if someone mentions you, retweets you or connects with you, say thank you and make them feel good about mentioning you, they’ll want to do it again.

5. Have fun! – Make sure you enjoy using Twitter, don’t just use it because it’s something everyone else is doing, be creative and enjoy your tweeting.

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