Know your strengths

Posted on August 1, 2011


I find that asking questions is a good thing, I love being asked for help by people,which is, if you look at it in a very open-minded way, what I do for people. If you know your strengths and your weaknesses then you can focus on those strengths and ask others to help with your weaknesses…

How do you feel about asking for help? Do you focus only on your weaknesses or do you try to focus on the things you are good at?
A positive mindset is key to running a business, if I am feeling down, I’ll leave my desk for a while, ensure that I perk-up my emotions and get back to work in a positive zone.

So, focus on your strengths, not on your weaknesses, locate your weaknesses and ask for help from another source, whether you think using a VA would help (very small plug there!) or using a specialist such as a marketing company, event manager or website designer, whatever is a weakness to you, ask someone else to do it. If you do it yourself, it will take longer, cost more in time and energy as well as bring you down to a negative mindset, which is not a good way to work.

Who are you going to ask to help you spend more time on your strengths?

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