Get in the Zone

Posted on July 18, 2011


I sometimes wake-up and I already feel I am weighed down by one task that I need to complete in that day. Somehow all other tasks appear to be more important that this less desirable one, then, suddenly, it’s the end of the day, and this one task is set aside for another night of worrying about it…

So I have derived a plan, as Dinah Liversidge says “kiss the frog in the morning before it grows”

Here are my plans to help “get in the zone”

1. Do something I enjoy first – for example: walk the dogs early, make a cup of herbal tea and get set on the task I least enjoy so it’s over and done with

2. Ask for help – If it’s something I’m putting off because I fear I am not good enough, ask for help in how to accomplish it to my best abilities

3. It may get too much- if it’s getting to be too much, have a break, do another task for an hour and then go back to it.

4. Scheduling is key! – Put it into my diary, make sure it is there and don’t press snooze!

5. Enjoy it – have music playing that I enjoy, don’t answer the phones and make sure that even though the task may seem mundane, it can become fun.

I hope these help, and if you have any tasks that you don’t enjoy doing, kiss the frog, it’ll only get bigger if you put it off.

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