Customer service

Posted on July 11, 2011


It appears to be a rare thing, this “good customer service” from providers, it appears that, once they have you in a 12 month contract, you have lost all the privileges that you once had. However, when a good business comes along we can only praise them, I think this is why people are now going for the smaller business over the corporates. We want to feel like more than just a number. Getting a hand-written and signed christmas/New Yeat card means a lot to us as well as knowing that if we call in an emergency, you’ll be there to help us…

My thoughts on what makes great customer service:

1. Answer your phone or call back- when someone leaves a message, call them back (simple really!)

2. Jot down important dates- if a client mentions a hospital appointment, birthday or special event, jot it down in your diary and ask them how it went a week after (or send a card or flowers)

3. Send a hand-written letter- when it comes to posting an invoice/quote or a special occasion, hand-write the envelope, it makes a big difference

4. Keep newsletters personal- if you do an e-newsletter, don’t just sell in it, tell stories or give them tips to make it worthwhile being on your mailing list

5. The good old nugget- don’t be afraid to apologise- if you’ve had problems or made a mistake, most people will change their attitudes in a flash if you just apologise and own up to the mistake

Who or what has made you stay with a company when it was down to customer service? Was there something that stood out from the cloud that you may even take to your business?

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