Our generation

Posted on July 4, 2011


I’m in that lucky generation of  tablets, smart phones and broadband, but does this mean we will never leave our office? I am doing this blog from the comfort of a friend’s home because all I need to remember is my login and password and we’re away! I can access email, telephone messages and blogs from anywhere with an internet connection, is this a good thing?…

It’s great for people who need employees who can work remotely thus allowing for less fees for travel, offices and lunches, as well as working fantastically for businesses such as my own in which I can access and work from anywhere (hence the Virtual Assistant) so in this way it is great for many people.

However, in the good old days we would have a weekend in which we would spend our time gardening, baking or just spending time with family, now I hear people saying “I’ve just got to check my emails, I’ll be right back” on a Sunday!

Do you think this is a good change to the way we work?

Do you have a tablet or smart phone that you use for work & does it help you get things done or do you just find yourselve never really being able to relax?

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