A business break through

Posted on June 13, 2011


After getting some fantastic new clients I have finally taken the plunge…I put a notice on a board in netmums to find a local, reliable and helpful Mum who would like to have a few hours a week to work on something other than their baby and wow what a response! The people who have got back to me are the people I want to work with. I have several people that I should have been speaking with months ago and wish I had done this sooner.

What made me suddenly change my mind and think “I can do this, I can have someone on my team!” Ruth Edwards…we spoke on the phone and we spoke about what I needed and she suggested two websites and I did what she said. I actually posted a notice and within the same day I had potential colleagues.

The moral of this story- listen when you should listen, do when you should act and get on with what you’ve wanted to do- don’t let fear take over!

What are you putting off that would help you but you’re afraid to commit to it in case it fails?

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