Heat or eat?

Posted on June 8, 2011


One of the reasons I don’t like to wake up to the news is because of stories like this the fact that pensioners have worked all their lives to save up for their retirement only to be given the dilemma (that should never happen) to worry about whether they should heat their homes or eat.

After hearing this, I have some thoughts:

1. Pensioners should get their heating free or get a fireplace installed with free firewood given every winter

2. Pensioners should not have to pay VAT on any produce (this may be impossible but it’s a good idea!)

3. Their pensions should be tax free- an appalling fact, my Grandmother paid tax on her pension payments when saving for them and is now having to pay tax again on them due to saving over the average- this is not fair or acceptable

4. People should get support before they start saving for a pension about how and where to save best.

5. Financial guidance should be given to all people at school so we can prepare for bills, retirement, work & life in general- we are a generation of people with debts that we shouldn’t have

So, after hearing that pensioners are having to choose whether to eat or heat I feel that the big gas companies could benefit from some great PR- offer their clients who are retired free heating for the winter. For example: BP’s profits last year’s third quarter were $5.5 billion. If they offered free heating in the winter to pensioners, how much will that impact them?

I think they would receive more customers because of their goodwill.

What do you think?


Hannah Liversidge

Amethyst PA

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