Boardroom in June

Posted on June 6, 2011


That’s right, it’s my boardroom again. On Tuesday 21st June at 12pm we will be meeting at the Greyhound Kew. A beautiful venue that overlooks Kew Green.

So far I have one guest who has never been to a boardroom before and two other regulars coming and I’d love to have a few more people there with us.

If you are thinking: “what’s all this talk about boardrooms?” let me explain, it is a place that gets people who run their own business to meet, once a month, and have their issues discussed. As a business owner who works in an office overlooking a main road, with only one other person in the office (and that’s every so often!) I get issues that I have never had before with no-one to ask for help from. With a boardroom, I get the opportunity to bounce ideas, discuss issues and solve problems with others who are feeling the same as I do (and helping the other people, I, in turn, answer many of my own issues, the old giving advice that we should give ourselves trick). It’s a support network that every entrepreneur should utilise.

If you’d like to come along to my boardroom in Kew on 21st June, please book here or contact me to get more information



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